Welcome autumn: prepare your skin

Fall has arrived and we must update our skincare routines.

The entrance of the new season offers us an inescapable opportunity to repair and rejuvenate our skin, eliminate the damage that has occurred in summer and prepare for winter.

We are facing a time of transition, between the excesses of sunlight that our skin has suffered this summer and the lack of light, low temperatures and humidity that will arrive with winter.

By following the routine recommended by Senoline® we can regenerate our skin and protect it against the seasonal changes that are going to occur.

Day cream, Senoline® at night.

Hot summer days can have dehydrated our skin more than usual, so it is essential not to give up the habit of using a good moisturizer every day. If you also have dry skin, it is necessary to replenish that hydration to prevent your skin from becoming flaky, so it is advisable to opt for a cream specifically designed to prevent moisture loss. Creams with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, which is known for its additional moisturizing properties, will do the trick. For people with oily skin, applying a heavy cream may seem like a bit of a stretch, but you can still benefit from extra hydration during the winter. Your option will be a light and oil-free formula.

Use the Senoline® patch every night.

Senoline® patches are composed of silicon, which is present in the connective / connective tissue of the skin, so it will visibly improve. As they are designed in order to obtain a second skin effect, they are comfortable and easy to use, obtaining optimal levels of comfort. The Senoline® patches allow you to rest in a carefree and calm way, and you will see that, with daily perseverance, the cleavage is improving.

What you will achieve by following our advice is a taut, smooth and rejuvenated skin, since thanks to hydration and the continuous use of the Senoline® patch your skin will have a velvety touch and appearance of great beauty.