Do you know the “tech neck” problem?

The “technological neck” or “tech neck” is the premature aging of the neck, lower neck and double chin caused by repetitive movements and postures due to the use of technological devices.

As a consequence of using electronic devices on a daily basis: mobile, tablet, computer, etc … and making repetitive movements, the most recurrent is lowering the head to see the mobile screen, the so-called “technological neck” or “tech neck” can originate. That is, the appearance of wrinkles in the double chin, neck and lower neck (collarbone), causing premature aging of these areas.

We must bear in mind that precisely these areas have a thinner and more delicate skin, so we should be more careful and avoid, as soon as possible, the progressive deterioration and the appearance of the wrinkles.

The Senoline® neck patch is an ideal solution, because, being composed of silicium (present in the connective tissue of the skin), it visibly improves the skin in this area, giving it a soft and smooth appearance.