Your daily beauty ritual

1 Clean and dry

Make sure the skin area is completely clean, dry, and free of creams, toners or micellar waters. Open the pack and assemble according to the instructions. You will have your own handy Senoline box to be able to deposit your patch after use.

2 Remove film

Remove the protective film and apply it to the area from bottom to top as shown on the front and back of the package. The skin under the patch should be stretched out without leaving any wrinkles. It is recommended to stretch the skin with one hand and apply the patch with the other, sticking it to the skin. Leave to work from 1 hour to overnight.

3 Place the patch and and let it work

After use, wash with water and once a week with a mild soap. Leave to dry with the adhesive facing upwards in the Senoline tray that is designed on the inside of the package. Do not use a towel.

4 Remove and store

Always leave the patch with the adhesive facing upwards without re-sticking it onto any other surface since it would count as another use, shortening its usage life. When it is dry, the patch will be ready to be used again.


Time and frequency of use

When should I put on my Senoline® patch?

You can wear it when you are at home resting or when you are working on the computer for at least 1 hour. In the case of the decollete patch, it should be worn at night while you sleep, as this is the time when wrinkles form. When we sleep on our side, the breasts come together and this causes the formation of wrinkles.

How many hours should I wear my Senoline® patch?

The decollete patch should be worn between 6 and 8 hours a day while you sleep, in order to prevent and reduce wrinkles while resting. The other patches should be used at least 1 hour a day when you are resting at home or working on the computer, but if you want a more intense treatment, it can be used all night while sleeping.

How often should I use Senoline® patches?

For best results, leave the decollete patch on overnight and other types of patch should be left on for at least 1 hour, but ideally, leave it on overnight as well. To be effective, it is advisable to use it daily and continuously, adding it to your daily beauty ritual.

When should I replace my Senoline® patch?

Senoline patches have up to 30 uses. The patch will progressively start to lose adhesive. It is normal for the edges of the patch to lift a little after a few days, but this does not prevent its effectiveness. When you notice that it has lost its ability to adhere, usually after 30 days, replace it with a new one.

Store it in its box after each use

Senoline® packaging has been specially designed to transform into a tray and thus store your patch correctly, extending its useful life.




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