Frecuent Asked Questions

We hope we can clarify all your doubts about Senoline®, its use and results.

They last approximately 30 days. It is possible that after a month the Senoline® patch will start to lose adhesion. You will have to replace it with a new one. It is important that every time you wash your patch, you do it delicately so as not to damage the adhesive part.

The decollete patch should be worn at night while sleeping as this is the time when wrinkles and furrows form. When we sleep on our side, the breasts come together and this causes the formation of wrinkles. The rest of the Senoline® patches can be used for at least 1 hour, but if a more intense treatment is desired they can be used overnight as well.

It is very important that, when putting on the patch, you do not leave any bubbles, wrinkles or furrows. The skin under the patch should be fully stretched. You must use one hand to put the patch from one side to the other, or in the case of the decollete patch it would be from bottom to top, to flatten it and remove the bubbles. If necessary, help yourself with the other hand to position the skin, thus eliminating any furrows or wrinkles.

The Senoline® patch has the highest tack (TAC) of medical silicones, therefore, if it is applied correctly, it is rare that it will come off.

To prevent peeling, clean the skin with a cotton or towel soaked in water and pat dry before applying the patch.

Yes, you can cut it to your size. In the case of the decollete patch, we recommend not cutting the part that remains under the chest, because it is the one that exerts the necessary pressure so that the patch is well attached. It should fit like a second skin.

The decollete patch can be worn overnight every day, that is, between 7 and 9 hours a day.

The rest of the patches can be worn from 1 to 9 hours a day depending on the intensity of treatment you prefer to have.

To be effective, it is advisable to use it daily and continuously, only if you have a wound, sunburn, etc; its use must be interrupted, to restart it once the problem has been corrected.

To keep the patch in good condition, wash it every day after use to remove any remaining skin. It is preferable to do it with warm water and once a week wash it with a little of mild soap to remove the dirt that has remained attached.

Afterwards, rinse the patch with warm water. We recommend leaving it washed face up inside the Senoline® box. The packaging itself transforms into a tray so you can let it dry comfortably.

For a correct use of the patch, the patch should not be stuck on any surface, in this way we avoid extra use. The duration of the patch is 30 uses, as long as it is used properly.

The advantage of the Senoline® patch is that you can sleep with or without a bra because it fits like a second skin. It gives complete freedom of movement and great comfort, while also being almost imperceptible. It also fulfills a double function; physical or mechanical preventing the breasts from coming together when we sleep on our side and a chemical function that is the action of the Intense Firming Complex on the skin.

Senoline® decollete, hands, neck and collarbone patches are the first on the market to treat a larger area to fully cover the entire area to be treated.

For correct use of the patch, wet a towel with warm water and use it on your skin, then dry your skin completely. When it begins to peel off (if it is before 30 days) it can be washed, and at the same time, give a few small pinches to remove those “lumps” that silicone makes due to the remains of cells from our skin, leaving it then face up in the Senoline® tray.

You can even trim the edges a bit if they are the ones that have lost the adhesive.

In the case of the neck patch, we recommend wearing a neckerchief tied around the neck.