Do you know the “tech neck” problem?

The “technological neck” or “tech neck” is the premature aging of the neck, lower neck and double chin caused by repetitive movements and postures due to the use of technological devices. As a consequence of using electronic devices on a daily basis: mobile, tablet, computer, etc … and making repetitive movements, the most recurrent is […]

Welcome autumn: prepare your skin

Fall has arrived and we must update our skincare routines. The entrance of the new season offers us an inescapable opportunity to repair and rejuvenate our skin, eliminate the damage that has occurred in summer and prepare for winter. We are facing a time of transition, between the excesses of sunlight that our skin has […]

Do you know what medical silicone patches are made of?

“Silicium- a true elixir of life” Senoline® patches are made of medical silicone, the component of which is silicium. Silicium is the second most abundant element in the earth’s crust after oxygen. Silicium is a fundamental mineral in the formation of our tissue: epidermis, muscles, bones and is also part of the connective tissue. Above […]